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Most peope are not aware they can go directly to an expert barrister or that it is likely to be cheaper than going via a solicitor.

Clerksroom Direct launched on 1st January 2015 and is a completely new way for anyone to search for and instruct a barrister directly using the Bar Standards Board Public Access Rules. Our unique service allows you to request a quote or agree a fee, communicate with the barrister you choose, submit documents, make payments, leave feedback, all online through the unique Clerksroom Direct Portal. Our service connects clients with over 6000 Public Access Accredited barristers for legal advice, drafting documents or agreements and advocacy at Courts and Tribunals in England & Wales or for mediation and arbitration internationally. Our independent barristers are self-employed and have expertise in the area of law relevant to your enquiry . Click here to register an account and contact a barrister directly. You remain in total control of your budget or legal spend. Our aim is to make the entire process as simple as possible.

We offer a simple, cost effective service by providing:

  • A fixed fee quote or alternatively we will try to work to a budget you propose
  • An agreed timescale for the work to be completed
  • No travel time or expenses charges for most claims (excludes Multi-Track claims)
  • A panel of 1000+ barristers who are Public Access Accredited by the Bar Standards Board
  • Many barristers who offer a free 30 minute telephone discussion

  • Members of the public who would like to instruct a barrister directly
  • Companies who require legal advice, drafting or representation
  • In-house lawyers and legal teams who would prefer to deal with barristers directly
  • Insurance companies who want to go directly to barristers
  • Solicitors who wish to exploit the Public Access rules putting clients directly in touch with a Barrister to limit liability but retain the administration costs of preparing a case to instruct a barrister
  • Solicitors wishing to instruct a barrister in the traditional way may do so at www.clerksroom.com
  • Solicitors will use this service to put clients in touch with barristers directly where they are unable to help within their firm. Solicitors may also prefer to use the public access rules to ensure barristers fees are pre-paid and held on account by the barrister. The current option for a solicitors firm unable to help a client is to refer to a competitor. Using Clerksroom Direct avoids that conflict.
  • Overseas clients wishing to instruct a barrister directly in England & Wales

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Clerksroom Direct offers the opportunity to create a free account, log in and browse the profiles of over 1000 Public Access accredited barristers located in England & Wales. We offer full national coverage for all civil courts in England & Wales. You search profiles and review the information provided, pre-select up to 3 barristers and then either invite the barristers to provide a fee quote for your enquiry or you can suggest a fee and see if the barrister is willing to do it for the fee you propose. Barristers will contact you through the portal to say they either accept, reject or wish to quote a different fee. You remain in total control of the service via your login. Once you accept a quote, payment is made via our online card payment system and the barrister is then committed to the fee and timescale you have agreed. Many barristers offer a free 30 minute telephone discussion to talk about your requirements before you commit. Just tick the box to include the details of barristers willing to offer 30 minutes free telephone help before you proceed. Any questions, please do let us know.

Once agreed between you and the barrister, the barrister will issue a client care letter setting out the fees, timescale and terms on which the service is offered. Once accepted by you, pre-payment is requested using our secure online payment portal. As soon as the barrister has agreed the terms with you and payment has been made, the barrister will undertake the work requested.

I write this letter with sincere gratitude and thanks for the services of Arlene Small. Arlene represented me in my divorce proceedings. In this short time of representation, Arlene provided clarity and the utmost professionalism. I have seldom seen such a committed and dedicated person to a task. Arlene’s eye for detail and determination to succeed in my case was truly remarkable. Prior to seeking Arlene’s help and advice my case had elongated over a period of 2 years, to which no solution had been found by my Solicitor. Within two meetings Arlene had a better grasp on my case and set down clear and distinct guidelines that could not be misinterpreted. Arlene represented me in Court to which again her professionalism was on full display. It was so refreshing to see how Arlene calmly took control of previously convoluted information from the proceedings and placed it into a clear and legible language for all parties to understand. My experiences with Clerksroom prior to this were limited. I can only thank you for your services and a debt of gratitude for the guidance and determined focus of Arlene Small. I shall be recommending Clerksroom at every opportunity in the future.

Yours gratefully Neil J Guerin, Direct Access Client.

I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with both you and Counsel, Rebecca Hodgkin.

Being “Direct Access” clients I did not really know what level of service to expect but what I got was very good. I was able to speak with Rebecca on the telephone, at length, before the hearing and she also took steps that I would not have expected her to take in preparing for the case. You were also always available to speak to me and grasped the facts of the case and our needs immediately which enabled you to match us up with the right Counsel.

We were happy with Rebecca’s approach whilst at Court; she knew the facts and understood what we wanted to achieve. She also secured us a good result! We would instruct her again.

I had become disillusioned with the idea of Direct Access given that other sets of Chambers had quoted fees that were prohibitive. I found you to be realistic and fair in your approach.

I will have no hesitation in using you again or recommending your services to others.

Thank you!

I had occasion to commission a Barrister's Services and approached www.clerksroomdirect.com

My enquiry was expedited via The Resident Clerk and a Barrister was assigned to my matters.

Very quickly thereafter I spoke with a revered Counsel who dispatched matters on my behalf and I would recommend this Service to others. The right Barrister is chosen according to the remit of the Client and thereafter they managed to keep professional decorum combined with friendly clarity throughout.

I therefore highly recommend this Service and I will be using this facility in the future. Intellectual Property and Contractual matters are included within other legal expertise available.

Thank you to all.

Hazel Speed

Barrister For Me

Example #1 Problem: Client Needs Divorce, 1 Day Court Hearing

Traditional Method

£1,000 Solicitor's Fee £400 Barrister Preparation £1,000 Barrister at Court (1 day) £480 VAT
£2,880 Guide Fee

Clerksroom Direct

Barrister Preparation £400 Barrister at Court (1 day) £1,000 VAT £280
Guide Fee £1,680

Saving you £1,200 or 42%

Barrister For My Business

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