Our technical journey

Our technical journey from idea to present day!

Our journey began on 1st December 2015.

Clerksroom Direct launched in England and Wales in 2015. Clerksroom Direct is an online service allowing members of the public, or anyone wishing to work directly with a barrister, to easily obtain a fixed fee quote, accept a quote, make pre-payment, upload papers and communicate with the barrister or our team of staff. Clerksroom Direct is free to barristers, with barristers being paid 100% of the fees quoted and accepted by the client. Clerksroom Direct work directly with all chambers in England and Wales, the clerks in chambers and those involved in the administration of justice.

Our service is quick, efficient and effective for barristers, chambers, clerks and members of the public.

1st December 2015

  • "Ask Sam" helpline established.
  • Free service for barristers, clerks and chambers in England and Wales. Barristers are paid 100% of the agreed fees.
  • Online marketing, automated quote system, case management and card processing system for barristers.
  • Automated document production.
  • Client care letter automated based on the client's request for a quote and the barrister's response.
  • Pre-payment system introduced.
  • Credit and debit card payment processing introduced to PCI standards.
  • Infinity call tracking introduced.
  • Google analytics and real-time reporting.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Automated client ID, address check and IP tracking.
  • Focus on convenience, compliance and conversion.

1st April 2016

  • Client journey streamlined.
  • Independently verified feedback system introduced with a 5-star rating of barristers.
  • Focus on three key steps to the instruction of a barrister. Papers, passport and pre-payment.
  • Social media strategy introduced.
  • 1,000 barristers at 200 chambers signed up.

1st December 2016

  • HMRC self-bill regulations introduced.
  • Payment of barristers' fees by BACS upon card payment clearance introduced.

1st February 2017

  • Automated email and document tracking introduced.
  • White label product launched to enable barristers' chambers to use the system to market the services of their own barristers in chambers or to pass on enquiries they are unable to deal with.
  • 70% of clients who have contacted Clerksroom Direct since we launched have accepted the quote, pre-paid the agreed fee and proceeded to work directly with the barrister.

1st March 2017

  • White label sites published for barristers chambers in England and Wales to manage public access clients for their own barristers.
  • API for bulk marketing partners to deliver enquiries directly into the case management system.