Further external guidance

Clerksroom Direct in the press

Click here to see press articles about Clerksroom Direct.

Bar Council Public Access Directory - England and Wales

The Bar Council of England and Wales provides a full list of barristers trained and accredited to accept instructions directly from members of the public, professionals and companies. Any barrister who has undertaken suitable training may register with Clerksroom Direct at no cost.

Bar Standards Board Public Access scheme guidance for lay clients

The Bar Standards Board offers guidance to lay clients which can be downloaded here.

Bar Standards Board - feedback, concerns or complaints

Feedback is very important as it helps to improve the service provided by the barrister, their chambers or staff. Sometimes there may be a need to air a concern. Our advice is to raise it directly and promptly with the barrister you have instructed.  Barristers who practice from a set of chambers will also have a chambers complaints policy.  The Bar Standards Board offers guidance about how to make a complaint about a barrister which can be downloaded here.

Clerksroom mediation

You may wish to consider mediation rather than legal action. Mediation is a process that allows parties to meet with a qualified mediator and attempt to resolve the dispute without the need for litigation or the courts. Mediation works for almost all areas of civil law. (Family mediation where children are involved requires a qualified family mediator, please Google "family mediation"). Both parties need to agree to mediation before a mediator can be instructed. Mediation fees start from £500 + VAT per party and we can attend any venue that has been agreed. We can conduct a mediation on any date to suit you and we offer short notice mediation if required. When it comes to mediation, we can do pretty much anything, anywhere.

See www.clerksroom.com.