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About Clerksroom Direct

Most people are not aware they can go direct to an expert Barrister or that is often cheaper than going via a solicitor.

Clerksroom Direct is the only place where members of the public can search for and instruct a Barrister online, supported by our dedicated helpline. Our unique website offers over 1,000 Barristers from more than 211 Barristers Chambers that are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Clerksroom Direct provides information about Barristers through an easy-to-use portal. Our aim is to provide  you with as much information as we can to enable you to make an informed choice. Obtaining a fee quote from a Barrister is completely free as you only pay for the service if you decide to instruct the Barrister directly. We help you get the best value. You are in control every step of the way and you don't pay anything until you wish to proceed. You decide!

Is THE service confidential?

All information submitted to the Clerksroom Direct portal is confidential and highly secure. You will receive an automated email response to your enquiry asking you to verify your email address. Once confirmed, you will have a secure link to the portal and only you and your chosen barrister will have access to the information provided. Your details will never be disclosed to a 3rd party without your prior agreement, nor will you receive unsolicited communications from Clerksroom Direct. Clerksroom Direct holds a valid secure site certificate.

What can a Barrister do for me?

Barristers can:

Barristers are experts in the law and provide a high level of skill when advocacy is required to present your case to a Court or Tribunal. Most barristers do not conduct litigation but, if required, we are able to provide some who are now approved to do so by the Bar Standards Board. We can advise who is best-placed to help you once we have reviewed your enquiry.

What is the benefit of going direct to a Barrister rather than a solicitor?


Barristers are remarkably cost effective due to their low overheads. Our barristers mainly work from home which helps to reduce costs further. Many people who have instructed barristers directly have commented favourably regarding the cost of doing so. There is no duplication of work, therefore costs are not duplicated. Barristers fees are often up to 30% cheaper than solicitors’ fees. See Barristers fees tab.

Fixed Fees

Most barristers will be happy to provide a fixed fee quote or work to a budget as set by you. Please don’t be afraid to ask if a piece of work can be completed for a set price. We welcome the challenge.


Barristers are legal experts who normally specialise in a limited range of areas of law. Using an expert means you have the right answer quickly.


You deal directly with the barrister and you will be able to discuss the matter by phone, email, Skype or any other agreed method.


Dealing directly with a barrister tends to be much quicker than going through a solicitor as the only parties involved are you and your barrister. A normal turnaround time for legal advice is 7 days but it can be far quicker if needed.

why was I not aware I could go directly to a Barrister until now?

The rules governing the instruction of barristers changed in 2004 to allow members of the public to instruct directly. Most barristers do not want to deal with clients directly, preferring the traditional route of working with solicitors. This has meant that little advertising has been undertaken to market the service directly to private or business clients which has resulted in limited media publicity.  We continue to work with approximately 20,000 solicitors in England & Wales but we also welcome the opportunities provided by the Public Access rules.

How do i find out if i qualify for legal aid?

Legal aid can help pay for legal advice, family mediation or representation in court or at a tribunal. You’ll be asked general questions about your legal problem and your financial situation. Click here to check.

Can I get credit or a payment plan to cover the costs of my case?

Yes. There are now companies who provide finance for Barristers fees. One example is "Legal Cost Finance" - Click here to visit their website and make an enquiry.

where do i start?

Contact us by phone, email or click here to create an enquiry. We will immediately start helping you  to find the right Barrister.

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All Public Access Barristers offered through this portal are registered and regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales. All Barristers are also authorised and trained to deal direct with the public.