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Barristers fees tend to be less than people expect. Barristers simply don't have the  same level of overheads as solicitors so they can charge less. 

You can now go direct to a Barrister, obtain expert advice and it's normally about 30% cheaper than going via a solicitor.

Download our PDF setting out the difference between Solicitors fees and Barristers fees. We explain the difference in rates and how to get the best fee when working with a Barristers in England  & Wales.

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Going direct to a Barrister for legal advice or assistance is often about 40% cheaper than using a solicitor who may then instruct the Barrister for you. 40% savings can be achieved by going directly to the Barrister, avoiding duplication of cost. Most barristers will work for an hourly rate but fees are never incurred until they are agreed. Obtaining a quote is completely free. (Click here to go to the quote page) It is important upload some paperwork for the purposes of a fee quotation first. You can then decide if you are happy with the proposed work, timescale and fees being quoted. Only then do you make payment. The alternative, which is becoming increasingly popular, is to provide a budget and clear instructions as to what you require. Clerksroom Direct will offer the work to barristers who are suitably qualified and invite them to agree to undertake the work for the fee being offered. It can be a beneficial alternative and provides certainty over costs. Clerksroom Direct charge a small fee (not exceeding 20% of the total spend) in addition to the fees quoted by the barrister. Our fees are for helping you find the right Barrister, helping you get the best value, helping you through the instruction process and  making sure you are happy with the fees quoted and terms being agreed. Once you are completely happy with the service, you make payment and work with the chosen Barrister on the terms agreed at the quote stage. You do not make any payment until you are completely satisfied with what is being proposed and what it will cost. All fees quoted by the barrister for providing the legal service is paid by us to the barrister in full with no deductions. The fee we quote you is the total fee. 

All quotes include our fees, the Barristers fees and VAT. It is a total fee. No surprises.

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"Examples" of fees include:

Small Claim Hearing – up to 1 day attendance at a Court in England & Wales £400 + VAT
Fast Track Hearing – up to 1 day attendance at a Court in England & Wales £750 + VAT
Employment Tribunal – up to 1 day attendance at a Tribunal in England & Wales £1,000 + VAT
Drafting a complex contract for a commercial organisation (3 hours) £800 + VAT
The alternative is you set a budget and invite barristers to respond to your proposal You set the fee
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