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What is a marketing partner & how does it work?

Clerksroom Direct is a complete, end to end, online administration system for members of the public, in-house lawyers or business clients to gain access and obtain quotes from over 1000 civil and family barristers. Marketing partners work with us to to direct clients to the website. Set up is completely free and a  dedicated portal entry page (sub domain) is assigned to all partners to enable monthly reporting. Becoming a marketing partner is very simple and completely free. An example of a partners sub domain is http://arl.clerksroomdirect.com

Barristers Chambers and solicitors firms can also become partners with Clerksroom Direct. Barristers Chambers and solicitors firms can use the portal to pass on enquiries they have generated through their own marketing events, website, materials and generate income through the sharing of our administration fee for using the portal. It is important to confirm that barristers are paid 100% of the fees they quote and there is no sharing of barristers' fees as that is prohibited. Barristers Chamberscan also use the portal to administer internal enquiries in an efficient way by selecting their own chambers from the filter at the bottom of the partner sub domain. Chambers can direct enquiries to all members of thier chambers, a specific Barrister or the portal as a whole if they are unable to assist the client. Chambers remain in total control of the process.

Solicitors firms can become partners and generate new income from marketing that has produced enquiries that the firm is unable to service. Passing on unwanted enquiries that are suitable for barristers to deal with directly will generate income based on 50% of the administration fee. Average spend for a public access client is £750 + VAT to £1,000 + VAT in our experience but it can vary greatly depending on the nature of the enquiry. Based on a 50% split of the administration fee payable, the average marketing fee generated is therefore between £37.50 and £50.

If you would like to become a partner, please download our marketing agreement at this link. Click here.

what advertising rules apply to Barristers in england & wales?

The Code of Conduct for barristers in England & Wales provides guidance for barristers wishing to advertise. Clerksroom Direct is an administrative tool to allow barristers to market themselves, interact with potential public access clients, manage cases, fee quotes and compliance online. Barristers are paid 100% of the fees paid as quoted. The rules relating to barristers advertising are not specific to this portal but, anyone wishing to advertise and become a marketing partner should always ensure it is consistent with the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion. Advertising should therefore not be inaccurate or likely to mislead, and should not bring the Bar into disrepute or diminish confidence in the administration of justice. Our guidance is to always ensure the client is fully informed of what is happening, what to expect and what the costs of using our service are, before the client proceeds. We also prefer not to influence client choice at any stage. Our aim is to offer a wide choice of options and supporting information to allow clients to make their own informed choice as to who they wish to work with. Clients then request a quote from their chosen barrister and decide themselves if they wish to proceed.

Affiliate Program for partners & charities

If you have a website or create enquiries for legal services from members of the public, you can become an affiliate partner of Clerksroom Direct. We work with a wide range of marketing partners, clever web people and charities to promote the use of direct access to barristers using the public access rules. It is important to recognise that barristers do not accept instructions for all types of legal services and do not wish to take on the important role of a solicitor. Barristers offer exceptional value for money if used in the right way at the right time. This may be for business advice, drafting or attending a court hearing. Becoming an affiliate partner for Clerksroom Direct is completely free and very easy to set up.

OK, I'm interested. What next?

  1. Download the marketing partnership agreement (Click here)
  2. Sign and email back to stephen.ward@clerksroomdirect.com
  3. We will set up a dedicated sub domain i.e. http://yourname.clerksroomdirect.com
  4. We provide you with a username and password for your partner site
  5. Upload your logo and add any specific text for your page. Example - Click here
  6. You decide how you wish to market the service and generate leads
  7. Link your website to the sub domain, enter the client details yourself or let us know about another innovative way to develop the service.
  8. If you would like to replicate our home page on your website, just let us know.
  9. Clients obtain legal services from Barristers using the portal
  10. We notify you by email at the time an enquiry converts and make payment to you by BACS upon completion.
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All Public Access Barristers offered through this portal are registered and regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England & Wales. All Barristers are also authorised and trained to deal direct with the public.